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RadVenture Kids was founded in 2018 by us... the Johns Family!  We are a family of creators, makers, and problem solvers who love to tinker.  We (Megan and Patrick) have degrees in Engineering and when kids came along we found joy in guiding them to discover how things work, and how to learn new things.  We are firm believers that NOT everything can be learned by sitting in front of a screen. Using our hands and minds in creative pursuits is a sure way to grow into smart and passionate individuals.  

On vacation in Estes Park, CO

On vacation in Estes Park, CO

It Started with a Pickle…

Well, actually a bunch of pickles and my then 5 year old's determination to make her own. In early 2017 my sweet daughter began making (and eating) tons of pickles. This project gradually progressed to a tiny business that allows her to sell her pickles to some very supportive friends, family, and neighbors.

To date we've enjoyed countless hours together shopping, chopping, calculating and selling.

The process of helping my daughter start this little business showed me how much joy and learning can be had by helping a young person start a micro business.

At RadVenture Kids we are excited to help parents help their kids start their own ventures and adventures!